A few things about Lily

 Hi, I'm Lily Lee. I've lived in lots of different places and done many different things and two of my favorite things, ever since I was very little, have been reading stories and making them up. Stories are one of my favorite ways to learn new things, and I love learning new things.

Do you have a favorite way to learn? 

When I was very little, I would stay up past my bedtime to read stories about this girl:


Her name is Nancy Drew, and she taught me that being smart and curious and having red hair could be lots of fun. She knew that you work better if you work with a few good friends, and that you should try to be polite, even when talking to bad guys.

Then when I was a little older, I met these guys:

who taught me that friendship, hope and help sometimes come from very unlikely places, and courage doesn't care about what size you are, because courage comes from what you love.

Then I became what  grown-ups call a young adult and was introduced to poetry.

Do you have any favorite poems?

You should be careful about poems. Most adventures start with a poem, and unless you want an adventure, you should stay away from poetry.

I got a little older, and had three terrific little children. Together we explored all sorts of places, read all sorts of books, and learned all sorts of things.

Like how nice it is to have a wild rumpus, and how much nicer to come back to a place where someone loves you best of all.  My own children grew up and became the very best sort of grown ups, and then do you know what happened? I made friends with people who had little children of their own, and so I got to read more new books and learn more new things! 

I feel very lucky to know so many people who love books. 

It was for one of these new friends, a little girl named Addison, that I first made the story of Addy the fruit bat. Like most of the people in the books I love, Addy the Fruit Bat became very real to me. I like her very much, and I hope you do too. 

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