A few things about Addy

Most bats are not purple...in fact, maybe Addy is the world's only purple bat. Although they may not all be purple,there are lots of other bats in the world and they do lots of wonderful things. Addy looks a lot like an Egyptian fruit bat. Egyptian fruit bats, like most other bats, like to sleep during the day and fly around at night.

Do you ever wish you could play at night instead of going to sleep? Me too. 

Egyptian fruit bats love fruit so much that they eat fruit even if it isn't ripe, or even if it's been nibbled on by insects, or even if it's rotten! Thay may seem icky to you and me, but it's one reason that Eyptian fruit bats are able to eat all year round, even when there's no fruit that would look yummy to us.

What's your favorite fruit? Have you ever eaten a date or an orange or a mango? Those are some of Addy's favorites!

I don't know how Addy became friends with a dog named Josie and a cat named Cat. Someday I'll ask her to tell me that story. I don't know how a friendly dog named Josie came to live in the forest, or what Cat did that let her meet so many famous people and read so many books and learn so many things.

Do you know any dogs that wonder about things all the time like Josie does? What things do you like to wonder about? 

Do you know any cats? Some people say that cats have nine lives. That means that cats sometimes live alot longer than humans think they will, even though cats sometimes do things that would be very dangerous if a human tried them. Someday if I'm lucky Cat will invite me to have tea with her, and maybe I'll ask her lots of questions, and maybe she'll answer them. But she probably won't. Cats are very picky about the questions they answer.

If you click on this picture, you'll go to an article that will tell you more super interesting things about fruit bats.

If you click on this picture, you'll learn about people who are working to keep bats around the world safe and happy.

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